Lottery Sambad Today Nagaland State Result 1 PM, 6 PM & 8PM

Check your Sikkim State Lottery Morning Result, West Bengal Lottery Day Result, and  Nagaland State Lottery Evening Result. Free download Lottery Sambad 1 PM 6 PM & 8 PM. Also, you can check and free download West Bengal Lottery Result at 6 PM. Indian Lottery Sambad is one of the most popular lotteries compared to any of the lotteries available in the market.

The fair policy and the concept have attracted a lot of customers on a regular basis. Lottery Sambad has a better chance of winning in general. As you get to choose your number based on the calculation. We update our website according to the results announced by the official site. The Lottery users can check and free download lottery results.

You can find all the Lottery Sambad results on this page for all the draws today and old Sambad draws. All the draw results will be updated here shortly after the Lottery Sambad draws at 1pm, 6pm and 8pm, showing the top winning prize code and the amount it has won. If you want to see more Lottery Sambad results then scroll down the page to the table which shows all the old results from the past few weeks.


What is Lottery Sambad?

Lottery Sambad actully a offline based ticket game performed in the states of west bengal, nagalnd and sikkim, actully previously sambad is known as and indian news paper publish in Odiash Bhubaneswar. It is one of the most largest circulated newspaper in Odisha.

Kerala Lottery Result Today

Kerala lottery is one of the most famous and popular dear lottery of India. Kerala lottery is being regulated by the Govt of Kerala since 52 years. This lottery system was introduced to eradicate the poverty as well as to cope up with the unemployment. By introducing this lottery system the Govt of Kerala attained dramatically economic stability. Funds has been raised by the Govt and there was great support to those who won lottery on the daily basis. Kerala lottery Result announced by the officials on the daily basis at 4:00 PM. Lottery schedule has been updated below

Kerala Lottery is a popular game in South India. Kerala is the home state of this game. There is huge prize money in this game. In addition to the huge prize money, there are seven different games involved. Each of these is played by people on different days. This game declares its result every day at 4:00 PM.

This game is played all over the country. Lottery Sambadha is focused on all the games of Kerala Lotteries. Here all the results are uploaded in PDF format as well as in open format. Kerala lottery results are uploaded on the Kerala lottery page of this website. Kerala lottery jackpot results for both rounds can be checked here earlier and faster. Click Here To Check Kerala Lottery Result Today


Nagaland state lottery result today

Nagaland lottery result today. Click on the link above to Download and view Nagaland state lotteries result online. Nagaland today lottery result pdf file online. You may check Nagaland state lottery morning 2022 here online. Stay connected with us to check daily Nagaland state lottery result of the day. Check all Sambad Lottery Result right over here. 

Nagaland Lottery: You can also check Nagaland Lottery Result from here if you want to read complete information about it or want to check results at three different times then you can visit our Nagaland State Lottery Result download page for this can do.


Nagaland State Lotteries was established in the year 1972 under the supervision of the Finance Department to generate a dependable source of revenue for the State Government. Nagaland State Lottery is held every day of the week at three different times of the day, Morning, Day, and Evening. Every day, the lottery is held under a different name with some difference in the prize money with the top prize worth ₹1 Crore (including Super Prize amount). The daily lotteries hosted by Nagaland State include Dear Morning, Dear Day, and Dear Evening which costs ₹6 for each ticket.

West bengal state lottery

Check west Bengal state lottery today result 4:00 PM online. West bengal old as well as today lottery draw result will be updated here on this page. Stay connected with us to check and download west bengal lottery draw result online. West Bengal lottery is one of the most and popular lottery around the globe. Keep visiting our site to check west bengal lottery draw result of the day. We also update you here with the new bumper prizes.


Mizoram state lottery result today

Mizoram lottery result today. Click on the link above to Download and view Mizoram lottery result online. Mizoram today lottery result pdf file online. Get PDF file Today’s result. Click on the given tab in the menu bar to download Sambad lottery today result, yesterday result as well as old results. Mizoram Lottery Result will be updated here as per schedule.

Sikkim State Lottery Result

You can check your Sikkim lottery result. Just Click on the above link to get your sikkim state today result. Sikkim lottery result updated on the daily basis.

Sikkim state is a lottery is a very popular game in our state Sikkim we have included different sports of this state as well as trying to give updates about the old result of each game we have other sports of each game There are old results, which will help you to get the old result of Sikkim state lottery, you can check old results here directly by visiting Sikkim state lottery page.

Sikkim state lottery results are uploaded in lottery sambad earlier, but for some years all results of the Sikkim state lottery Lakshmi lottery with all its time and date are no longer available here. Because for many days the result of the Sikkim State Lottery is not being seen even on their official website, for more information click on the link given below.

Nagaland State Lottery Result

You can also get download Nagaland state lottery result here as well. Nagaland lottery result will be updated on the daily basis. Stay with us to view and download your all lotteries results.

Mizoram Lottery Result

Mizoram state lottery result will also be updated here on this page. Stay connected with us to get download Mizoram lottery result of the day. Mizoram lottery result provided you in the PDF format as well as you can view it on this page.

Sambad Lottery Result Today

Sambad lottery is very famous and popular lottery of India. Everyday you can get three times lottery draw results here on this page. The result schedule is given you below.


Draw Result

Today all of the result has been updated here on this page. All result has been updated here on this one single page for the day January 18-1-2023. All of you may check  result online. You may check old results, bumper results, daily results and Sambad news..